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At Temptime, your goals are our goals. We are dedicated to delivering reliable high quality, cost-efficient, customer-friendly solutions that achieve better patient outcomes.

Monitoring temperature-sensitive products from start to finish provides information that can save you and your customers unnecessary cost, prevent wastage, and most importantly protect lives. Your security and confidence are Temptime’s priority.

Biotech + Pharmaceuticals

We partner with biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers to reduce costs and waste from unpredictable temperature events.

Our indicators are commonly used:

  • in new countries or new geographies with a less robust cold chain
  • with new or evolving distribution channels or shipping lanes
  • to avoid package redesign or overdesign for 1% of temperature-exposed outliers
  • for brand protection

Blood Banks

We partner with hospital and stand-alone blood banks to monitor the blood cold chain and help you meet AABB compliance standards and FDA regulations. With blood donations declining, we help you monitor the temperature of your whole blood or red blood cells so you can restock and reuse them to prevent blood wastage and reduce your costs.

Medical Devices

We partner with combination device and medical device manufacturers to help ensure that both your product viability and patient outcomes are unaffected by identifying products that have been subjected to adverse temperature exposure. We can definitively and inexpensively identify temperature-exposed products, without additional costly packaging. You benefit from time and cost savings, as well as getting ahead of the curve with regulatory compliance, while gaining confidence that your products are being continuously monitored.

Specialty Pharma

We partner with small, medium, and large national specialty pharmacies in mail order, retail, and hospitals to control escalating specialty drug costs by reducing returns and reships. Monitoring temperature-sensitive shipments can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, protecting the integrity of the brand and maximizing value for the manufacturer and specialty pharmacy alike.

  • Patients and healthcare providers want the knowledge and confidence that their medications have not been adversely exposed to temperature.
  • Manufacturers of specialty drugs want the confidence to know that patients are receiving the optimal potency to provide an optimal outcome.
  • Payers want costs controlled and great patient outcomes.

Regenerative Medicine & Tissues

We are partnering with a wide range of regenerative medicine and tissues companies to ensure that products and tissues are monitored for exposure to temperature events that could render them unusable or damaged. This reassurance can in turn mitigate patient, surgeon/hospital, and company risk, avoid costly wastage of limited donated tissues, and potentially reduce the likelihood of multiple surgeries.


Global vaccination programs have led to a dramatic reduction in childhood deaths from diseases such as measles and diphtheria, as well as the near-eradication of polio. By letting workers know at a glance whether a vaccine has been exposed to a heat or freeze event, our irreversible time-temperature indicators play a vital role in the success of these programs.

Our time-temperature monitoring device continues to be the only technology that meets the strict specifications of the world’s leading health organization for distributing vaccines to developing countries, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) PQS VVM performance specification, and we follow WHO’s guidelines for manufacturers of temperature monitoring devices.

Increasingly, forward-looking governments are using HEATmarker® vaccine vial monitors (VVMs) and other Temptime® indicators as point-of-use management tools to:

  • Establish well-recognized quality systems for vaccines that protect their citizens
  • Ensure best practices as a steward of monies donated or made available for vaccination efforts
  • Adopt best practices in global distribution


We partner with a variety of wholesalers who share in our vision of improving global public health through supply chain control of medical products and medications. Compliance with manufacturers’ allowable distribution ranges, contractual obligations to ensure medical supplies are received under the right conditions, and reducing returns and reships are increasingly difficult. We help you balance these increasing requirements with inexpensive devices that can immediately identify and isolate the few outlying temperature-exposed products and supplies.


Whether you need to monitor cumulative heat exposure, threshold heat events, freeze events or a combination, Temptime makes a wide range of patented time-temperature indicators for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.