EDGEConnect App

EDGEConnect™ Mobile App

The EDGEConnect Mobile application for smartphones and tablets enables you to configure and monitor your EDGE W-200 Series temperature and humidity sensor modules from Temptime. EDGEConnect Mobile is a free application offering a simple and convenient interface to upload the latest settings using Bluetooth Low Energy to the W-200 modules which were created using the EDGEConnect Web application. Additionally, the EDGEConnect Mobile App allows you to associate an image and GPS location to your equipment.

The mobile app also allows you to check various technical data, such as battery level, Bluetooth wireless signal strength, and the current temperature/humidity level.

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View the EDGEConnect Mobile User Guide

EDGEConnect™ Web Application

The EDGEConnect Web application enables you to configure, manage and monitor the Temptime EDGE W-200 (with LoRaWAN™ long-range wireless connectivity) wireless sensor modules. This monitoring solution includes sensor modules which automatically collect data from integrated or connected sensors, and transmit them to the Cloud* and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time just by using your internet browser. It is password protected and requires a log-in to access.

EDGEConnect Web enables you to visualize your EDGE W-200 sensor status and data, with a complete management interface for configuration and system administration.

Key features:

  • Manage Company Account and Users
  • Add/delete EDGE modules via voucher** system
  • Able to configure sensor and equipment details and limits
  • Monitor equipment and associated sensors
  • Integrate data with Temptime EDGECloud service
  • Manage data transmitted by Temptime EDGE W-200 modules
  • View overall system health
  • View detailed sensor readings, history, and alarms
  • Generate reports for sensor readings, events and settings (PDF, CSV)
  • Send alerts when alarms are detected that data to the Cloud.
  • View EDGE sensor readings via a customizable graph and geolocation via Google Maps®

* Requires EDGECloud subscription
** Vouchers are supplied by your Temptime representative via email.

View the EDGEConnect Web User Guide