Integration and Collaboration.

At Temptime, we see ourselves as part of the bigger picture. Protecting patients and improving global health, developing and refining our indicator technology, saving costs and engineering better logistics takes a web of interconnected partners. Together we’re moving forward every day.

Take a look at the network that is making it possible!

Global Health Partners

We are honored to work alongside a network of esteemed Global Healthcare agencies such as PATH, WHO, GAVI Alliance, and UNICEF.

Together we have partnered to dramatically reduce childhood deaths from preventable and treatable diseases, expand temperature monitoring capabilities to remote locations across the globe, and reduce costly product wastage.

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Sales Partners

Our partner ecosystem connects the dots to expand the reach and potential of Temptime indicators.

Temptime partners operate across a diverse network of industries. We work together to build better business practices, and provide customizable products that improve customer outcomes, reduce cost, and advance public health.

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Technology Partners

Temptime strategically identifies new and innovative technologies to accommodate the expansive and growing range of customer needs across the globe. If you have a unique technology and would like to partner with us, complete our Become a Partner form and we will contact you soon!

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