HEATmarker VVM14

The HEATmarker® VVM14 is a label containing a heat-sensitive material which is placed on a vaccine vial to register cumulative heat exposure over time. The combined effects of time and temperature cause the inner square of the VVM14 to darken gradually and irreversibly.

The inner square of the VVM14 is made of heat-sensitive material that is initially light in color and becomes darker when exposed to heat (Fig. 1). The color change is faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures. At the discard point or end point, the inner square is the same color as or darker than the outer circle.


  • Response Temperature
  • Response Time
    14 Days
  • Accuracy
    per WHO specification*
  • Shelf Life
    5 years from date of manufacture
  • Size
    10 mm diameter (individual); 8-9 mm diameter (printed on label)
  • Application

    Placed on product. Pressure-sensitive adhesive, for flat or curved surface applications.

For HEATmarker and HEATmarker VVM, they accumulate the effects of temperature continuously, changing color faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures. Therefore, a specific temperature is only relevant when combined with a specific time, e.g., 2 days at 37°C, to create a “response temperature profile” for HEATmarker and HEATmarker VVM. *WHO Specification

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