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Whether you need to monitor cumulative heat exposure, threshold heat events, freeze events or a combination, Temptime makes a wide range of patented time-temperature indicators for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Our goal is to provide value to you, your company, and your customers. We work with your team to help you select and customize indicator products that fit your product’s stability profile and shipping needs, and to develop a customized logistical implementation plan.

Temptime’s rigorous GMP-compliant and ISO-certified quality systems align with your expectations of high quality and reliability. Our standard products are featured below. Please contact us to discuss your customized product requirements and custom product branding needs.

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Whether you need to monitor cumulative heat exposure, threshold heat events, freeze events or a combination, Temptime makes a wide range of patented time-temperature indicators for sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Our strict manufacturing protocol – consistent with FDA quality regulations – is just one factor why our individual and multiple unit indicators are in a class by themselves.

Ascending temperature indicators provide visual indication of heat excursions or cumulative heat events These indicators can be affixed to individual medicines, medical devices or  placed into shipments. Temptime produces a wide range of heat excursion indicators, including more than 20 different ascending temperature indicators for monitoring mean kinetic temperature profiles, from a few days at refrigerated temperature to 30 days at 60°C.

Many medical products – particularly those requiring refrigeration – can be damaged if frozen. If the freeze is followed by a thaw, often the freeze event goes undetected. Descending temperature indicators signal if a freeze event occurs. Temptime currently has three categories of descending temperature indicators, which can be used for monitoring shipments or for full life monitoring depending on the shelf life of the pharmaceutical or medical device.

Even in the most advanced distribution systems, it’s not uncommon for medical products to be exposed to a wide range of temperatures during shipping. Dual temperature indicators, for shipment monitoring, inform users if potentially damaging heat and/or freeze events have occurred.

Product Application Response
FREEZEmarker B On Product -1°C 30 minutes
FREEZEmarker L On Product 0°C 30 minutes
FREEZEmarker C On Product -6°C 30 minutes
HEATmarker VVM30 On Product 37°C 30 Days
HEATmarker VVM14 On Product 37°C 14 Days
HEATmarker VVM7 On Product 37°C 7 Days
HEATmarker VVM2 On Product 37°C 2 Days
HEATmarker Hx36 On Product 37°C 36 Days
HEATmarker Hx24 On Product 37°C 24 Days
HEATmarker Hx18 On Product 37°C 18 Days
HEATmarker Hx12 On Product 37°C 12 Days
HEATmarker Hx9 On Product 37°C 9 Days
HEATmarker Hu41 On Product 25°C 41 Days
HEATmarker Hu28 On Product 25°C 28 Days
HEATmarker Hu14 On Product 25°C 14 Days
HEATmarker H On Product 8°C 21 Days
HEATmarker M On Product 8°C 8 Days
HEATmarker E On Product 60°C 30 Days
LIMITmarker F-B On Product 17.5°C 2 hours
LIMITmarker I-C On Product 50°C 15 seconds
LIMITmarker I-P On Product 44°C 15 seconds
LIMITmarker I-K On Product 40°C 15 seconds
LIMITmarker F-Y On Product 31°C 2 hours
LIMITmarker F-M On Product 25°C 2 hours
LIMITmarker F-A On Product 9°C 2 hours
TransTracker CD In Shipping Box 40, 44, 50°C / 0, -1, -6°C 15 sec Heat / 30 min Freeze
TransTracker CF In Shipping Box 17.5, 25°, 31°C / 0°, -1°, -6°C 2 hrs Heat / 30 min Freeze
TransTracker F In Shipping Box 9°, 17.5°, 25°, 31°C 2 hours
TransTracker C In Shipping Box 0°, -1°, -6°C 30 minutes
TransTracker D In Shipping Box 40°, 44°, 50°C 15 seconds