Case Study

LIMITmarker Increases Prescriber Confidence and Customer Satisfaction

“Particularly during the summer months, we would receive calls from our patients stating that the ice packs were melted and they were not sure if the medications were still effective and safe to use,” said Brian Brito, Vice President, SMP Pharmacy Solutions whose pharmacy expertise and commitment to quality pharmacy services have helped drive SMP’s success.

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Case Study

Partnering for Integrity, Efficacy and Patient Care

“Utilizing best practices across the board is our goal and always on our minds - and an absolute necessity,” says John Olsen, Senior Vice President of Encompass Rx. “Nearly all RFPs ask what we are doing to monitor the integrity, efficacy and safety. Steps like implementing temperature indicators are crucial.”

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Case Study

Specialty Pharmacy Puts Patient Safety and Satisfaction First while Reducing Costs

Pharmacy Advantage implements TransTracker® F temperature indicators and revisits packaging to reduce reships and associated costs, while also improving patient satisfaction.

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EDGE M-300 Mobile Temperature Sensors

EDGE™ M-300 is a Bluetooth®-enabled reusable mobile sensor with the flexibility to monitor temperature-sensitive products during shipment or when in storage.

EDGE W-200 Wireless Environmental Sensors

Wall-mounted, long-range temperature and humidity monitoring device designed specifically for large production and storage facilities. Uses LoRa technology, proving up to 6 miles (10 km) of coverage.


Beijing CDC Uses VVM on Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Beijing TV local newscast showing the use of the HEATmarker on seasonal flu vaccine.


I Trust VVM

Health care Professionals from around the world proclaim their trust for the VVM on vaccine they administer to children.


WHO Five Senses on VVM

A movie produced for the 10th Anniversary celebration of the introduction of the vaccine vial monitor (VVM).