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Thought Leadership Video Series for pharmacy professionals

This 17-minute video features Temptime thought leaders Christopher Caulfield, Katie Kraverath and Mark Eppedio.  The videos may be viewed in 11 short segments to cover

  • Temptime’s 30-year legacy of providing temperature monitoring devices to improve public health and patient care
  • TransTracker shipment indicators that are use by specialty pharmacy professionals to give patients peace of mind, as well as reducing reshipments based on perceived temperature exposures.
  • EDGE electronic wireless sensors that provide sophisticated temperature monitoring and easy cloud-sharing of data.

Temperature Monitoring and Global Health – entire 17:34 minute video, 12 clips

Temptime: Improving Global Health 4:16

Describing Temptime’s legacy in time-temperature indicators, with over 6.5 billion indicators being used over the past 30 years. Introducing the EDGE electronic, wireless sensing system for expanded capability and application.

What are TransTracker temperature indicators? 1:12

Brief description of the TransTracker shipment indicator that is placed in patient medication shipments by specialty pharmacies. Provides easy to understand visual indication if a medicine has been damaged or lost strength due to unacceptable temperature exposures.

How do I use TransTracker temperature indicators? 1:45

Tips for specialty pharmacy users of TransTracker on how to store the indicators, how to manage them in their packout workflow, and how to help ensure that patients understand how to read the indicator and what to do if they have concerns.

What temperature thresholds should be used to monitor shipments? 00:35

Explaining how the pharmacy chooses the right TransTracker for their medication shipments.

How will my pharmacy benefit from using TransTracker temperature indicators? 2:02

Benefits to the pharmacy for using a time-temperature indicator like TransTracker, including cost savings reported by some users of $7.00 savings for every $1.00 invested in the indicators – due to reduced reshipments and reduced customer calls.

How do pharmacies handle calls from patients who believe their TransTracker has been triggered? 1:40

Recommended responses to patients based on feedback from other successful users of TransTracker.

What is the best way to do a “home test” of the TransTracker temperature indicator? 1:25

Reliable and simple ways to test a TransTracker at home – for heat monitoring and freeze monitoring.

What are the EDGE electronic temperature loggers? 2:10

Overview of the EDGE wireless system of dataloggers, sensors, mobile and web applications that allow for easy setup and remote monitoring.

How are the EDGE devices different from other devices in the market? 1:10

Key distinctions of EDGE include low-energy bluetooth technology for easy data access with mobile devices, and auto-upload of data to the cloud.

Are the EDGE devices easy to use? 1:23

EDGE devices can be easily configured in minutes and require no IT assistance, simply download Apps and customize or use pre-programmed setups.

How are customers using the EDGE devices? 1:15

From monitoring of shipments from destination to destination, qualification of packouts and shipping lanes to facility monitoring, the EDGE system provides a wide range of applications.

What are the benefits of the EDGE device? 1:20