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AIM & GS1 Introduce New Technical Specification

News & Press from Advancing Identification Matters (AIM): 17 January 2019

Learn more in this Press Release from AIM, about a new sensor technical specification that will provide a universal method to interpret temperature threshold sensors used to enhance supply chain management and logistics in most industrial sectors.

AIM Member Mohannad Abdo, PhD, Senior Manager of Technology Innovations at Temptime Corporation, further shared the significance of the specification:

“With the release of Sensor AI (8009) 01, the AIM-GS1 partnership has introduced a way in which digital business transactions, typically executed using barcodes or RFID (radio frequency Identification) will be able to easily capture, format and utilize dynamic data to enable greater integration between applications for AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) and the supply chain. Sensor AI (8009) 01 provides the cornerstone for optically readable sensors of any kind.”