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Protecting TotalWellness Inventory Year Round

TotalWellness warehouse team (L to R): Erica Curry, Sarah Brugger and Keith Dudley.

Continually working toward ‘quality above all’

Based in Omaha, Nebraska—TotalWellness has been conducting flu clinics and screenings at various locations across the country for over two decades. “Our clients range from corporations, business campuses and larger retailers to municipalities, academic institutions, churches and more,” explains Keith Dudney, the company’s Warehouse Manager and Field Operations Director. “They contract with us to set up and run their flu vaccine clinics onsite.” To ensure the quality of their staff, medical professionals undergo a rigorous hiring process— including the extra help the company hires during flu season. Nurses are paid well so retention is higher, which means customers see the same nurses year after year. 


Establish 24/7 vaccine inventory temperature monitoring with immediate alert notifications 

“Of course, we want to protect our products and certainly be good stewards of what we are putting out,” says Keith. That’s why TotalWellness is careful to monitor the temperatures of vaccine inventory they have in storage to ensure they are in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. “We typically hold a lot of product in our facility, especially leading up to and during flu season,” explains Keith. “We need an immediate alert if the power goes out or a refrigerator fails.” 

While they did previously have such a monitoring system, it only sent an email notification. “When you have thousands of dollars worth of temperature-sensitive vaccines in your refrigerators, an email at 2 a.m. isn’t going to be very much help,” Keith says. 


EDGE Wireless Sensors, EDGEConnect web application and EDGECloud Plus for monitoring and alerts 

TotalWellness wanted a solution that not only monitored temperatures 24/7 and sent email alerts – but also immediate phone calls and texts. That’s when their Temptime representative suggested and EDGE system solution, which includes the EDGE® W-200 sensor, the EDGEConnect web application and EDGECloud Plus. 

As the company was researching their options, they had an event that essentially helped them decide which system would best meet their needs. “We had a catastrophic refrigerator failure, a complete anomaly where the refrigerator compressor reversed cycle and actually started pumping hot air into the refrigerator,” Keith says. Temperatures went over 85ºF, but with the old system in place – they weren’t alerted until someone opened their email. Luckily it didn’t happen during flu season, but if it had it would have been a significant financial loss. 

Easy Implementation 

Now TotalWellness has an EDGE W-200 to monitor each of their onsite refrigerators. Keith says implementation was easy. Temptime helped with installation and configuration – and even walked him through setup and system updates. “Ralph Marrero, Temptime’s Technical Product Support Engineer, made a service call to help confirm the system setup, which included a battery check, newly calibrated probes, software updates and operation of the individual devices,” says Keith. 

Temptime also recommended adding glycol bottles to their refrigerators to reduce false alerts for temporary temperature fluctuations. “Refrigerator temperatures fluctuate with doors opening and closing during daily operations,” explains Ralph. “Having the sensing probe immersed in glycol, along with alarm delays setup, helps eliminate false alarms.” 

TotalWellness uses the EDGEConnect® web app to configure the W-200 sensors – setting temperature limits, alarm intervals and notification preferences including email, text and phone call alerts. “We were able to setup different schedules for day, night and weekend phone, text and email alerts,” says Keith. “Notifications are sent to multiple users, and there is an acknowledgement code that lets the system and other users know that the alert was received.” 

EDGEConnect automatically collects data from the sensors and transmits information to the cloud, via an EDGECloud® services subscription. Keith then uses the EDGEConnect dashboard, which can be accessed anywhere from any web browser, for visibility into the status of each refrigerator and an at-a-glance snapshot of how the entire system is performing. A number of users can also log in to the system dashboard at the same time so everyone is working with the same information. 


Minimize the risk of financial loss and product waste with immediate notification of temperature events 

“I’d say the investment has been completely worth it,” says Keith. “The results we’ve experienced are a testament to the functionality of the equipment as well as the excellent customer service and strength of the people behind it.” 

Keith Dudney, Warehouse & Field Operations Director

The system has already saved TotalWellness money and inventory. “This season I got an alert at 11 p.m. on a Friday,” says Keith. “My boss and I headed into work and were able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars of vaccines before any damage was done.” On another Friday night, the company had a problem with their wireless network which prompted the EDGE W-200 to send an alert. “The fact that there are different alarms – temperature or Internet or wireless failure – just gives us added peace of mind.” They were able to reset the network as well as have a ‘virtual visit’ with Temptime to get the whole system up and running again. 

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