Wireless connected sensors designed for EMS providers

From installation to programming to accessing and understanding data collected, Temptime’s team of knowledgeable EMS specialists will help you design a temperature-monitoring solution that works best for your organization.

EDGE M-300 mobile temperature sensor, wireless blue-tooth, Temptime

M-300 Mobile Temperature Sensors

A reusable sensor with a long-life, replaceable  lithium battery that monitors temperatures from -40 to +85ºC in EMS medication containers on board emergency vehicles or mounted to the interior of cabinets, vehicles or refrigerators.

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EDGE S-400

S-400 Mobile Temperature Sensors

A small single- or multi-use wireless sensor with a three-month battery life that monitors temperatures from -30 to +70ºC when placed next to medication in containers, on vehicles or in storage.

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Wireless Gateway

Automatically collects data from multiple sensors, which is then pushed to the cloud for viewing, sharing or generating reports using a web application.

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Mobile app screen showing location of wireless sensor on a map

Mobile App

Use the mobile app to set up your temperature monitoring preferences from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.  This includes setting alarms, datalogging interval times, startup options and desired time and temperature units.

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Desktop app showing wireless sensor information and a map

Web App

Access, view and manage data collected from your sensors and stored in the cloud via any web browser. The web app includes the ability to easily run reports for performance analysis and regulatory or accreditation requirements.

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The Why and How of Monitoring Medication Onboard EMS Vehicles

For fire and rescue operations, everything comes down to ensuring the best patient outcomes. Monitoring the temperature of medication – both in storage and on-board EMS vehicles – is part of that. Learn more about why and how.

We can help take the guesswork out of EMS medication temperature exposures

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