A range of temperature monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Complete visibility throughout your entire supply chain

Even minor fluctuations in temperature can impact the stability of certain drugs and medical devices – which can lead to poor treatment outcomes and impact customer satisfaction. The same is true during research phases, when both products and patient samples need to be moved within a specific temperature profile to keep projects on track. That’s why Temptime has been innovating high quality, cost-effective temperature monitoring solutions for the life science and medical device industries – including some of the harshest environments in the world – for more than 30 years. See all solutions.

Clinical Trials

Single-use indicators and electronic solutions for end-to-end visibility

Knowing that your patient samples, drug products and medical devices have stayed within the appropriate temperature range at all times can help reduce waste and protect your brand.  Our low-cost, single-use temperature indicators and mobile electronic solutions help you monitor the temperatures of shipments going to and from patients and trial sites.

Commercial Distribution

High-volume monitoring to help support quality control and protect your brand

Bringing a new drug or medical device to market is a significant investment in both time and money. Manufacturers need to maintain GxP (Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practices), whether storing product onsite or moving it to distributors and administration sites. Once your product leaves your facility, time-temperature indicators can help with quality control by providing a visual cue when a shipment has been exposed to potentially damaging temperatures.

Web dashboard with wireless sensor

Data Capture and Storage

On-demand access to temperature status, sensor configuration and detailed reporting

With an ever-changing regulatory landscape has come increased awareness around the environmental conditions in the storage and transport of pharmaceuticals and other medical products. More and more, regulators are asking for data regarding trial shipment monitoring – and findings by regulatory bodies or accrediting agencies that indicate noncompliance can be costly to your reputation and financial performance. That’s why our wireless sensors record and store information to the cloud, which is easily accessed via the web or mobile app for analysis and compliance reporting.

TransTracker Temperature Indiators

Monitor temperature-sensitive products during short-term storage or in transit. See how the cost-effective TransTracker can be used for a wide range of environmentally sensitive medications, biologics, medical devices, and other products.

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Put our 30 years of temperature monitoring experience to work for you.

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