Temptime provides temperature monitoring solutions that can be used on the product, in the package or even at the pallet level – so you know when a temperature exposure has occurred.

With Temptime’s temperature monitoring technologies, manufacturers have the ability to monitor temperature exposure throughout the supply chain – right up until the last mile. These monitoring devices range from low-cost, chemically-based single-use indicators to sophisticated data-driven wireless devices equipped with Bluetooth® capabilities and cloud-based data storage.

TransTracker being placed into a corrugated cooler package


Small, single-use temperature indicators that monitor heat, freeze or dual heat-freeze exposures of products in shipping.

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A Limitmarker being placed on a medication package

Heat Indicators

Single-use, adhesive-backed time-temperature or threshold indicators provide an easy-to-read visual cue of heat exposure.

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FREEZEmarker vials in box

Freeze Indicators

Single-use freeze indicators that provide an easy-to-read visual signal when a freeze event has occurred.

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Wireless sensor in cold packout with hand with phone and mobile app

Electronic Temperature Sensors

Single- or multi-use wireless Bluetooth temperature sensors monitor temperatures throughout the cold chain.

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Desktop app showing wireless sensor information and a map

Web & Mobile Apps

Allows users to set alarms, datalogging interval times and more. Combined with a web app, this provides access to data stored in the cloud for running performance analysis reports to meet regulatory requirements.

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Wireless Gateway

Automatically collects data from one or multiple electronic sensors, which is then pushed to the cloud for viewing, sharing or generating reports using a web application.

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Storage and Distribution of Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

For more than 30 years, Temptime has been innovating cost-effective temperature monitoring solutions for a wide range of environmentally sensitive medications, biologics, medical devices, and other products. Learn more about our commitment to improving public health by helping to ensure supply chain integrity.

Put our 30 years of temperature monitoring experience to work for you.

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