End-to-end temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for facilities, medication storage and transport can reduce waste, improve patient satisfaction and help with accreditation.

Deliver the highest standard of patient care

A critical component of quality patient care is making sure medication and vaccines stay within the appropriate temperature range. With over three decades of experience in temperature monitoring for sensitive biologics, Temptime gives you the solutions and state-of-the-art technology you need to protect the efficacy of medications onsite and in transit while also helping you comply with URAC accreditation or network participation requirements. Learn more from infographics, videos, success stories and more in Pharmacy Resources.

Specialty pharmacist placing medication into a cooler

Temperature Monitoring for Specialty Pharmacies

Wireless solutions and single-use indicators for medication in storage and in transit

Our family of portable, Bluetooth®-enabled sensors help with monitoring medication temperatures onsite as well as Package Performance Qualification (PPQ) testing while single-use temperature indicators are ideal for shipments going directly to patients.

Vaccine Storage and Transport Monitoring

Monitor the cold chain for vaccines from -200ºC onsite and in shipping

Get visibility into temperatures with wireless sensor solutions that monitor vaccines in freezers, refrigerators, containers, coolers and trucks. Mobile and web-based apps provide on-demand access to temperature status, excursion alerts and sensor setup.

W-200 wireless sensor mounted to the outside of a commercial refrigerator
Specialty pharmacy package being delivered to someone standing in the doorway of their home

Direct-to-Patient Shipments

Let patients know if medication has gotten too hot or cold

TransTracker® is an inexpensive single-use temperature indicator pharmacies can include in outgoing shipments – giving patients added peace-of-mind with an easy-to-read visual cue of whether medications have gotten too hot or too cold while in transit.

Home Infusion Pharmacy Solutions

Accurately monitor infusion medication onsite and in transit

Electronic sensors monitor temperature and humidity of medication in refrigerators, freezers and at room temperature. For medication transported to patient sites, use TransTracker indicators or mobile electronic solutions to give both patients and infusion personnel peace of mind.

IV bag on stand with patient in background
Package Performance Qualification flowchart

Package Performance Qualification Testing

Get valuable insight into your temperature-sensitive medication while in transit or shipment

Whether for URAC compliance, network participation or ongoing quality assurance — third-party Package Performance Qualification (PPQ) delivers.

Temperature Monitoring for Central Pharmacies

Protect the stability of your temperature-sensitive medication

Solutions to meet the needs of every central pharmacy, regardless of the size or scope – from single-use temperature indicators that monitor heat, freeze or dual heat-freeze events in transit, to reusable, wireless dataloggers for facility monitoring.

Whether for URAC compliance, network participation or ongoing quality assurance — third-party Package Performance Qualification (PPQ) delivers.

Specialty pharmacy automated warehouse
TransTracker indicator inside a plastic package with medication

Best Practices and Lessons Learned from US Specialty Care

Specialty pharmacies have a responsibility to make sure patients receive medications that are stable to use. Learn how US Specialty Care (USSC) takes this responsibility seriously – performing extensive tests to develop cost-effective solutions to overcome the everyday challenges of shipping temperature-sensitive medications.

S-400 wireless monitor mounted to the top of a commercial refrigerator

Protecting TotalWellness Inventory Year Round

TotalWellness conducts flu clinics and screenings for a wide range of organizations across the US. That means at any given time during flu season, they may have thousands of dollars worth of temperature-sensitive vaccines in refrigerated storage. Their previous monitoring system sent only email notifications of temperature excursions. To protect their inventory, they wanted a solution that also sent immediate alerts by phone and text.

Medication storage pharmacy refrigerator

The Impact of Poor Handling of Temperature-Sensitive Medications

View this collection of abstracts for scholarly articles focused on the impact of ‘poor handling’ of temperature sensitive products shared with Temptime by David B. Volkin, PhD. A Pharmaceutical Chemistry Professor at the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, Dr. Volkin has both academic and industry experience with temperature exposures of temperature-sensitive healthcare products.

Put our 30 years of temperature monitoring experience to work for your patients.

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