Accurately monitor infusion medication onsite and in transit

Choose from a range of electronic temperature sensors to monitor and record the temperature and humidity of medication stored in pharmacy refrigerators, freezers and at room temperature. Infusion medication sent to patient administration sites can be also be monitored using TransTracker indicators or mobile electronic sensors.

Our wireless sensors are also ideal for Package Performance Qualification (PPQ) testing, whether for URAC compliance or internal quality assurance programs.

TransTracker being placed into a corrugated cooler package


Small, single-use temperature indicators that monitor heat, freeze or dual heat-freeze exposures of medication in shipping.

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Placing an S400 wireless sensor into a cooler

S-400 Wireless Sensor

A small single- or multi-use wireless sensor with a 12-month battery life that monitors temperatures from -30 to +70ºC.

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M-300 wireless sensor communicating with a phone app

M-300 Electronic Sensor

Compact, long-life, reusable sensor for -40 to 85ºC range with IP67 protection.

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W-200 Wireless Sensor

A long-range wireless sensor that monitors medication temperatures and relative humidity in large production or storage facilities as well as refrigerators and freezers.

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Desktop app showing wireless sensor information and a map

Web & Mobile Apps

A mobile app allows users to set temperature monitoring preferences such as alarms, datalogging interval times and more. This is combined with a web app that provides access to data stored in the cloud for running performance analysis reports to meet accreditation or network participation requirements.

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S400 wireless sensor communicating with a phone app

PPQ Testing

Two phase third-party testing delivers detailed time and temperature data for critical insight into how packouts perform in different seasons and geographies.

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Flow diagram of home infusion medication

Temperature Intelligence for Home Infusion Pharmacies

Environmental monitoring of medication in storage at home infusion pharmacies and in transport to patients can minimize the risk of waste, improve patient satisfaction and help with accreditation.

Here’s how it works.

Put our 30 years of temperature monitoring experience to work for your patients.

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