Maintain the cold chain for vaccines from -200ºC in storage and in transit

From COVID-19 to flu vaccines and more

With the promise of several novel vaccines designed to stop the spread of COVID-19, pharmacies are faced with a challenge – monitoring a range of medication with varying temperature profiles. Where COVID-19 vaccines are concerned, two need to be kept very cold – one stored in ultra-low temperature freezers or shipped in special packaging to maintain -70ºC, and the other at -20ºC. A third can be stored at standard refrigerated temperatures (2 to 8ºC), like many other vaccines or medications.

That means pharmacies will need new, specialized equipment and monitoring solutions for extreme temperature requirements. With more than 30 years experience innovating cost-effective temperature monitoring solutions, Temptime has the answer.

Specialty pharmacist placing medication into a cooler

W-200 for Onsite Wireless Monitoring

Monitor valuable vaccines stored in freezers and refrigerators

The W-200 is a long-range wireless sensor that monitors temperatures and relative humidity in refrigerators and freezers as well as large production or storage facilities.

  • Monitor temperatures for any vaccine or medication, from -200 to +200ºC (-328 to +392ºF)
  • Measure relative humidity from 0-99%
  • Get instant status of temperatures, humidity and alarms with a visual display screen on the device
  • Receive notification of temperature or humidity excursions by email, text and/or phone calls

M-300-P for Transport and Storage Wireless Monitoring

Get visibility into vaccine temperatures onsite and in shipping

The M-300-P is a wireless sensor that monitors temperatures during shipping and distribution as well as onsite while in cold storage.

  • Monitor temperatures for any vaccine or medication, from -200 to +200ºC (-328 to +392ºF)
  • Access temperature readings wirelessly through containers, coolers and trucks while in transit
  • Onsite, place devices in facility equipment such as refrigerators and freezers to monitor temperatures
  • Get visual confirmation of a connection and notification of alarms with three LED status lights
Wireless sensor in cold packout
Specialty pharmacy automated warehouse
Wireless sensor in cold packout with hand with phone and mobile app

Web and Mobile Apps

On-demand access to temperature status, sensor configuration and detailed reporting

Both the W-200 and M-300-P come with a free mobile app combined with a web application for dashboard views and deeper performance analysis.

  • Set monitoring preferences including alarms and datalogging intervals with free mobile apps specific to each device
  • Record and upload data to the cloud where it can be accessed either by the mobile app or the web application interface
  • Use the web applications to configure devices and access a dashboard with side-by-side views of current and historical temperature data for multiple sensors

Temptime has been providing cost-effective temperature monitoring solutions for a wide range of environmentally sensitive medications, biologics, medical devices, and other products for more than three decades. We remain deeply committed to improving public health, and strive to ensure supply chain integrity to protect patients and benefit communities globally. See all our pharmacy solutions.

VVM Innovations: For COVID-19 vaccines today and beyond

It all began with our Vaccine Vial Monitor (VVM), which helps healthcare workers around the world immunize millions of children – even in remote, hard to reach regions.

Learn more about how VVM works, and what the future holds, in this video.

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Put our 30 years of temperature monitoring experience to work in your pharmacy.

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