Logistics + Operations

We understand that your utmost priority is getting your temperature-sensitive products from your facility to your growing list of customers with integrity, speed and cost-efficiency.

Distribution of temperature-sensitive products involves many hand-offs, including from manufacturer to wholesaler, wholesaler to distributor, distributor to hospital, clinic, or pharmacy, and finally from the hospital, clinic, or pharmacy to the patient. Each of the steps in the process presents an opportunity for temperature excursions. When temperature is not monitored or only monitored in part of the distribution chain, potentially damaging temperature excursions may be undetected.

In a recent study the following cost saving on returns and reships were observed;

  • 7-fold return on investment was reported due to reduced returns and reships when TransTracker was included in every shipment to patients
  • 50% reduction in call center time when TransTracker was used as a patient-facing decision-making tool to signal whether patients’ specialty medications experienced appropriate temperatures during transit
  • 98% of patients surveyed want a temperature indicator to be included with specialty medications shipped to them

With continuous, irreversible temperature monitoring from Temptime, you can choose to monitor along the entire supply chain from manufacture through transport and storage to the patient or simply the last mile to the patient or healthcare provider. Additionally, your temperature sensitive shipments can:

  • Meet increasingly rigorous global compliance standards, with improved operational agility, and reduced risks and costs
  • Reinforce the integrity of the shipping conditions your products experienced, while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Save money on returns and reships, especially for increasingly expensive specialty pharmacy products, whether administered in the physician’s office, the clinic/hospital, or in the patient’s home

The cold chain and controlled temperature chain (CTC) require a team effort – made possible only by a network of people, policies, procedures, equipment, and technologies, that are aligned in a common goal of keeping products clear of excessive and potentially damaging heat or freeze events during transport and storage. We would welcome a conversation to see how we can help you to achieve your team’s goals.