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Temptime indicators help to ensure that you are treated with medications and vaccines that have not been exposed to or potentially compromised by damaging temperatures.

How do you read TransTracker C?
Your specialty pharmacy uses TransTracker C to ensure that the medication they send to you maintains the appropriate temperature from the time it leaves their facility until it reaches your home. With TransTracker C you can easily see if your medication has been maintained at appropriate temperatures – watch this video to learn how.



What is a TransTracker F, and how do you read it?
Some medications are temperature sensitive, and that’s why your pharmacy takes steps to make sure the medication they send to you remains at safe temperatures. Learn more about TransTracker F shipment indicators in this video.



TransTracker shipment indicators are easy-to-read devices for monitoring temperature exposure of sensitive medications. Watch this video to learn why you should not attempt to “test” TransTracker at home in the oven, under lamps, in direct sunlight or in a warm room.


If you still have questions about TransTracker, please contact Temptime at +1 (973)-630-6051 or