Safe-T-Vue Support

Whether you’re new to blood temperature management or a veteran, we have resources and information that may help.

User Instructions

Safe-T-Vue 6VideoInstructions for Use STV6 (PDF)
Safe-T-Vue 10VideoInstructions for Use STV10 (PDF)

Validation Protocols

Download protocol files in MSWord format and edit/customize for your facility’s validation procedures.

Safe-T-Vue 6Word docPDF
Safe-T-Vue 10Word docPDF
Guideline Protocol for Activation Choices (PDF)  

Tips, Tricks and Resources for Bloodbankers

Infographic: Was 10°C maintained during transport? How do you really know? (PDF)
Transport & Storage Cooler Validation: Tips, Helpful Ideas and Reference Information (PDF)
Cold Pack Influence on Blood Bag Temperature & Time During Dispensing (PDF)
Use of Cold Packs during Dispensing of Blood (PDF)
O-Negative Block Releases Returned to Blood Bank (PDF)
Pneumatic Tube Systems and Use of Safe-T-Vue Temperature Indicators on Blood Bags (PDF)

AABB and FDA Resources

AABB Temperature Standards 2018: Storage and Transport
21 CRF600.15 Code of Federal Regulations for Temperatures During Shipment for Biological Products
American Red Cross (ARC) Job Aid: Packing RBCs and Whole Blood (PDF)
21 CFR640 Code of Federal Regulations – Additional Standards for Human Blood and Blood Products