Blood Temperature Indicators

Safe-T-Vue® Blood Temperature Indicators

Safe-T-Vue 10 on a blood bag

AABB Standards Compliant seal for blood temperature indicator Safe-T-VueNonreversible temperature-sensitive indicators

Safe-T-Vue® temperature-sensitive indicators are designed to help blood banks, blood collection centers and transfusion services improve compliance and preserve valuable blood supplies. Available in 6ºC and 10ºC indication temperatures, they are attached directly to blood bags during refrigeration, transport and temporary storage.

Safe-T-Vue 6 Safe-T-Vue 10

Val-A-Sure® Cooler Validation Kit

Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit

Simplicity, accuracy, standardization and speed

Val-A-Sure® delivers the simplicity, accuracy, standardization and speed of process for blood transport cooler validations in one simple kit. Val-A-Sure helps ensure consistent measurement and recording for each validation, and can be used for other temperature validations in the lab.

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