PPQ – Package Performance Qualification Testing

PPQ Testing Report open with text and charts

Expert Third-Party Package Performance Qualification Testing

As a specialty pharmacy, you already know the importance of package performance qualification (PPQ) testing. For one thing, it ensures that the critical and often lifesaving medications you send to patients have not been exposed to unsafe temperatures that could impact their effectiveness. It’s also required for certain pharmacy accreditations and participation in some pharmacy networks.

Your packout has a story to tell

Reliable, affordable insights with Temptime PPQ

In addition to meeting accreditation and pharmacy network requirements, there are other benefits of third-party PPQ testing.

By relying on Temptime—you’ll effectively free up internal resources for other important projects. Plus, with over three decades of experience in temperature monitoring for sensitive biologics, Temptime gives you access to proven processes that verify your packouts are in compliance and delivering the best care to your patients.

How PPQ Works

We’ll start by gathering information on your current packouts and standard operating procedures. We’ll then provide you with enough temperature monitoring devices for the first phase of the PPQ testing as well as share our pharmacy cold chain best practices and potentially connect you with a packaging expert for additional guidance if needed.

Flow diagram of the two phases of PPQ testing

Temptime will deliver a complete Package Performance Qualification Report that details the live field testing and results of the third-party PPQ testing we conduct. Your report will include:

• Packing configuration protocols and detailed diagrams
• Temperature data profile reports for each location
• NIST Traceable Calibration Reports
• Best Practices recommendations

Simplified PPQ of Your Packouts

Temptime PPQ testing uses Temptime wireless Sensors placed inside your packout to gather temperature data. View PPQ infographic

EDGE PQ Packout