HEATmarker VVM+

Vaccine Vial Monitor with Peak Threshold Heat Indicator

HEATmarker VVM+ combines traditional VVM cumulative heat indication with innovative peak temperature indication technology.

As a key enabling innovation for the Controlled Temperature Chain (CTC) initiative, Temptime developed HEATmarker VVM+ specifically for monitoring heat stable vaccines.  It provides healthcare workers a new level of assurance, in the same historic format as the traditional VVM.  VVM+ visually shows whether there has been either a cumulative heat exposure or a peak heat threshold exposure.

HEATmarker VVM+ Indicator Transition

Watch this video to learn about the PLUS in VVM+

Combined Heat and Peak Threshold Indication

  • VVM+ looks like and is interpreted exactly the same as the traditional VVM
  • VVM+ reacts like VVM up to 37°C
  • At 40°C, VVM+ reaches endpoint rapidly to show exposure to critical peak temperature
  • VVM+ supports CTC initiatives

In addition to the cumulative heat exposure capability, VVM+ addresses the risk that vaccines stored outside of the cold chain may be subjected to a peak temperature excursion which could cause rapid vaccine degradation and also show that the vaccine exceeded the labeled high temperature threshold limit.  It also assists healthcare workers in the last mile, when the vaccine will be out of the cold chain.

VVM+ uses two proprietary sensing technologies, including the newest threshold indicator technology, which is layered on the classic VVM in a highly precise manufacturing processes.

Together, heat stable vaccines and VVM+ positively impact vaccine coverage and equity while lowering the entire cost of vaccine delivery by:

  • saving money on cold chain equipment and supplies
  • reducing storage and transportation volume and cost
  • simplifying logistics and saving healthcare worker time
  • reducing the risk of vaccine freezing

The result is more vaccines are administered, and more lives are saved.

HEATmarker VVM+

HEATmarker VVM+ is a pressure sensitive adhesive label

The manufacturer and WHO choose the HEATmarker VVM+ that best correlates to the heat stability of the vaccine WHO Immunization Vaccines and Biologicals (pdf). This table is used to identify the appropriate category HEATmarker VVM+.

Vaccine Stability Category HEATmarker VVM+ Cumulative Temperature Specification Days to End Point Peak Temperature Specification Shelf Life (years from date of manufacture) Size
Very high stability VVM+250 product image 55oC 17 40oC 2 years 11 mm diameter
High stability* VVM+30 product image 37oC 30 40oC 2 years 11 mm diameter

*Pending WHO prequalification.


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